Weifu invests in leading domestic and international production equipment. With five BOPP film production lines, two CPP film lines and 8 woven sack production lines. Film annual capacity 160,000 tons, with export accounting for 40%; woven sacks annual capacity 165million units, with export accounting for 34%. Weifu is committed to the high efficiency manufacture and quality control required for international markets.

World-Leading Production Equipment 8.2m Bruckner BOPP Lines from Germany (one 5 layer, one 3 layer) 8.7m Bruckner BOPP Line (3 layer) 6.6m Bruckner BOPP Line (5 layer)
Bruckner Line from Germany
5 metallisers including 2.1m and 2.5m units from Leybold Germany and an advanced AlOx unit from BOBST UK
4.2m DMT BOPP Development Line from France
1400mm High precision 2 sides coating Line from CO-TECH South Korea - 1line 4.2m and 4.8m CPP lines from Reifenhauser Germany
8.7m High speed Slitter from Kampf Germany
8.2m High speed slitter from Atlas UK
1350mm precision coating line from Shaanxi Beiren - 2lines
Woven Bag Production Equipment
① 8 PP Fibre production machines ② 230 Circular knitting machines
③ multiple 8 color Gravure printing presses 3 x 8 colour Gravure printing presses